The word sustainability carries a lot of weight, from day one we have worked to be as environmentally friendly as possible around us by setting ambitious goals.

Everything is made and produced in Italy to guarantee the highest quality.



Petri is committed to supporting Italian craftsmanship, in fact the shirts are produced through responsible production by independent Italian artisans who create the shirts following the ancient textile traditions handed down from one generation to the next.


Petri shirts are made to last over time and do not follow trends. In opposition to fast fashion that offers garments to be "consumed" in a few months.

Part of Petri's philosophy is to buy less but better, as our parents and grandparents once did.


For each model of shirt Petri are used only the best materials produced by Italian excellence, of natural origin, without the use of synthetic materials or harmful. For this reason we are committed to working only with small and medium-sized companies that share our same values of excellence, attention and care for details.

We work almost exclusively with companies that minimize the environmental impact of their activities, designing and manufacturing fabrics that, due to the raw materials used and the way they are processed, guarantee the end consumer about their sustainability.

Therefore, natural materials are used for all Petri shirts and in many of them environmentally friendly organic materials (GOTS) are used:


We buy in the best Italian textile districts leftovers from the best companies in our fantastic territory. In this way Petri shirts, in addition to being made from the highest quality fabrics, respect the environment and share the concept of circular economy.


Corozo buttons, which are 100% natural and environmentally friendly, are made from dried tropical palm nuts from Ecuador. Because of its similarity in color and texture to ivory, corozo is also called vegetable ivory or Tagua.


The horn buttons are made, in respect of animal protection, with buffalo horns mainly from India and Africa. They are 100% natural and ecological.


Hemp and linen fabrics are used for many of Petri's summer shirts. They are two of the very few textile fibers that do not need to be certified because they are organic by nature. In fact, they do not require the use of pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers to grow and their strong roots protect the soil from runoff, build and preserve underground structures. The water consumption for their cultivation is also very low and they keep the soil in excellent condition for any other crop.

To conclude, hemp is also a hypoallergenic, durable and long-lived fiber.


In 2021 we were lucky enough to meet an Italian company, more precisely from Veneto, that produces the only sustainable denim in all of Europe. Making shirts using this fabric gives us great satisfaction because, in addition to having a very high quality, it has all the most important organic certifications.

Petri's denim shirts are thus produced with total respect for the environment.


Petri also uses natural, recycled or 100% ecological materials for its packaging.

The bags are made of recycled paper, the shirt box is made of paper (not plasticized) and finally, with the scraps of fabrics from previous productions, envelopes are created for the shirts, which can be reused in various ways in the future.